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    On , Mike Tyson wrote:

    Mike Tyson

    I am trying to get authorization to fly a building for inspection in Monroe, LA. it is located just inside the 5 mile radius of a Class D airport. I keep getting rejected for airspace approval. Attached is a screenshot of what I get using your app. Please tell me what I may be doing wrong and how to correct this. The customer is waiting to get this done.


    Thank you for your help in this matter!


    Mike Tyson

    TerraForm 3D

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    On , Marshall wrote:

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you very much for reaching out to AirMap detailing the issue you encountered.

    We investigated further into the airspace for Monroe Regional Airport.  It does appear that two layers of airspace (MONROE CLASS D) and (MONROE CLASS E2) are overlapping in this area causing an authorization rejection result.

    Our engineers have been made aware of this occurrence and are working closely with the FAA to apply a solution as soon as possible.

    We will be happy to keep you up to date on a solution, we greatly appreciate your patience while we investigate into this matter.

    Always feel free to email for assistance with any questions/concerns.

    Best Regards,