What is "Manual Authorization"?

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    On , Jason Cox wrote:

    The article reads the FAA can take up to 30 days to approve, but the tips say to apply within 72 hours?

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    On , ClarksonCote wrote:

    I tried a manual authorization for a Class C airspace.  I confirmed the local control tower received it, but they told me they cannot approve it because the Safety Justification field/attachement of the LAANC submission is missing.

    They said they'll happily approve it if I note that the UAS is configured to not allow flight above my requested height and flight radius, but Airmap doesn't seem to have any Safety justification field in the Flight Plan submission to include this information.

    Please help/advise.

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    On , Parker Harrington wrote:

    More explanation of manual authorization would be helpful. 72 hours? 30 days? where?