How to use the AirMap App

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    On , Mike Lehman wrote:

    I tried this "It is always recommended to verify the contact requirements of your flight by visiting the AirMap Operator Infographic."

    It took me to a page that said this:


    You're not authorized to access this page"

    Is this an error or where can I find this seemingly important info?

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    On , shivam chauhan wrote:

    I am trying to request LAANC through the app and I see "Do no fly in Class D controlled airspace without ATC authorization" under rules you are violating on last page to submit request. It is not sure to me what does that mean. That is also a note that "airspace authorization is either not available or not applicable to this flight" so can I fly or not?

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    On , Andrew George Dutton wrote:

    Can you explain the difference between the red advisory triangle and the orange advisory triangle?